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Steve  began  his  career  honing  his  skills  working  behind  the  chair  in  high-end  salons.  It  wasn't  long  before  Steve's passion  &  ability  proved  way  too  much  for  the  salon  world  and  quickly  found  himself  being  asked  to  style  hair  on photo shoots.
 Steve  has  done  it  all , from  runway,  editorial,   ad campaigns,  commercials,  videos,  celebrity hair,  you  name  it. His work has appeared  in  publications  such as -Harpers Bazaar,  Nylon,  British Glamour,  Spanish Cosmopolitan,  Financial Times,  Angeleno,  Riviera,  Shape,  Red Magazine, Teen Vogue,  Ladies Home Journal,  CBS Watch Magazine,  to  name  just  a  few... His  Celebrity  clients  include- Janelle Monae,  Bella Thorne,  Nadine Velazquez,  Cody Horn,  Paz De La Huerta,  Chloe Moretz,   Zoey Deutch,  Charlotte Gainsbourg,  Beth Behers,  Evan Rachel Wood,  Paris Hilton,  Michelle Rodriguez,  Jane Seymour  &  was  personal  hairstylist  to  actor  Owain Yeoman  (The Mentalist , Troy , American Sniper). He has worked on ad campaigns and commercials for  AG Jeans,  H&M,  Fernet Branca,  GNC  and  Hurley . Steve  is  also one  of  the  only  hairdressers  in  the  industry  that  transcends  traditional  hairdressing  as we know it  with  his  incredible headpiece work.  His headpieces  have  been  commissioned  for  Red Carpet,  editorials,  runway shows,   music videos,  purchased by personal  clients  and  even  shown  in  art  exhibitions.  Steve's  most  famous  headpiece  to  date  is  the  one  Grammy Nominated  Recording  Artist/Actor/Model  Janelle Monae' wore  to  the  2019 Grammys  that  contributed  to  her  making  Vogue's Best Dressed  List  for  2019  and  creating  a  firestorm  throughout  the  world  of  fashion  and  celebrity  style  media.
                    As  a  by-product  of  Steve's  career  styling  hair  he  instinctively  picked  up  a  camera  and  began  shooting  his  own  images  as  his  passion  for  beauty  and  image  is  never  ending.  In  Steve's  own  words  he   has " worked  with  some  of  the  best  &  worst  photographers  in  the  world"  which  gave  him  the  opportunity  to  learn  from  his  collaborations  with  the  many different  photographers  he's  worked  with  throughout  his  journey. 



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